Application and failure analysis of LED strips and LED bulbs


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LED light strips can be divided into soft and hard from the appearance; they can be divided into non-waterproof (IP54) and waterproof (IP65) from the waterproof performance; they can be divided into single color from the luminous color. , Colorful, Symphony, Full Color, etc.

The so-called soft light strips are made by welding flexible circuit boards (FPC) with lamp beads, and the hard light strips are made of aluminum substrate or fiberglass board (aluminum substrate, copper substrate, fiberglass board, etc., collectively called PCB ) Made by welding lamp beads. According to its use environment, we need to manufacture light strips with different luminous colors and waterproof or not.

LED bulb lamp, hence the name implies, is a kind of lamp similar to a bulbous bulb.

From the distinction of the lamp holder, it can be divided into E14, E16, E27, E40, B22, etc., and the shape can be divided into sharp bulbs, round bulbs, etc. Since development, the base shapes have become more and more diverse. The material of the lamp body is plastic, plastic-clad aluminum, car aluminum, die-cast aluminum, graphene, etc. An LED bulb light is composed of: LED light board, power supply (driver), light body and lamp holder.

After introducing the composition and classification of LED strips and LED bulbs, let's understand their application scenarios.

LED light strips are generally used for interior decoration and landscape decoration. Most indoor light strips do not need to be waterproof, such as elevators, dark grooves in the living room, corridors, and the stairs sensor lights of the current Internet celebrities. It is necessary to use waterproof when lighting outdoor scenic spots, usually colorful or illusion, to make the effect more prominent.

The main function of LED bulb is to illuminate. When I was young, the traditional glass tungsten filament lamps were used in rural households. This lamp has a short service life and is not energy-saving. It has gradually been replaced by LED bulb lamps.

Any object will inevitably have some problems during use, and the same is true for LED strips and LED bulbs. Introduce a few simple judgments and methods to solve the problem:

One: The light suddenly does not turn on during normal use

Solution: 1 Check whether the power supply is normal

2 Replace the light strip or light board and check the situation. If it works normally, just replace it. If it still doesn't light up, go to step 3.

3 Replace the power supply (drive)

Two: Some lights do not light up during use

Solution: 1 The light bulb appears dark or the brightness is obviously reduced during use. 80% of the lamp beads are broken. At this time, we need to replace the new lamp beads for normal use.

2 When some of the nodes of the light strip are not bright during use, you can replace the broken lamp beads in the same way as the above method. If the length allows, we can cut off the unlit section, and then splice the other normally bright ones together. Can. (The light strip is generally 3 lamp beads as one section)