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11/5000 LED light does not light how to repair

First of all we need to look at the phenomenon of led lamp is not lit, is a bright lamp bead or all lights are not bright, because in both cases the cause of the is different, if is a problem of a certain light bead, is probably the lamp bead quality is bad, light time is too long will burn out, so the only need to purchase the corresponding lamp bead to replace the can. If all the lights are not lit, there may be a problem with the driving power supply. This problem is very common, because many LED lamp power supplies on the market are step-down or linear constant-current, which needs to be replaced with a more stable and safe isolated constant-current power supply.

In the led light not on specific how should operate, turn off the switch, with the help of a ladder to tear down the shell of lamps and lanterns, and then remove the lamp bead have been damaged or power, to a hardware store to buy matching accessories back, according to the original appearance to restore good, remember to choose when buying material of legitimate business products, famous brand is best, In this way, the service life of lamps is longer.

Under normal circumstances, the life of LED lamps is more than 50,000 hours, even if you open 24 hours a day, you can also use a 6-7 years or so, so if your home LED lights are always a problem, it should pay attention to the usual use habits, do not hurry to open and close the lamps this will produce impact current, affect the life of LED lights oh.